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Origami Bouquet Making Workshop


These Origami bouques will be an ideal project for Origami beginners, but they look fabulous and we are sure that they will take pride of place in your home.  You will be making at least 5 stems of those lovely Origami flowers, and you will take your completed bouquet home with you.  


 Mini Ikebana 

Japanese Style Flower Arrangement Workshop



Japanese love the notion of "Less is More".  When it comes to Ikebana, we find a beauty in natural angles and forms.  Why not join us to find out more about the Japanese Style Flower Arrangement.  You can create simple, creative or even playful arrangements using Ikebana tools from Japan, and you can take the arrangement home with you.   

 Let's Make SUSHI!

(Introduction to SUSHI Making)



Sushi is getting ever so popular here in Britain.  If you are interested in making your own Sushi, but not sure where to start.  Then this session is the one for you! This workshop explains different types of Sushi, and you will be making your own Maki and Temaki Sushi.  We know some people might not be too keen on raw fish, so we will be using familier ingredients, such as vegetables and smoked salmon.  If you would like to know what sort of ingredients we are going to use or if you have any food allergies, please send us an email and let us know.  We will be having a tasting session, and you may be able to take some of Sushi home (only if there are any left after the tasting session).   

Origami Garland for Christmas Workshop


If you fancy having a unique Christmas decoration for your home, windows or a Christmas Tree.  This workshop is for you!  You will learn how to make Origami Santa Clause, wreath and more!  You will be making a garland full of Seasonal Origami items and you will be taking the garland home with you.  



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